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Premium Economy Listings Translation

Premium Economy Listings Translation will machine translate titles and descriptions of your uploaded file. The titles will then, in a second step, also be post-edited by translators. This service is a great option for merchants who:

  • plan a very cost-effective expansion into new markets
  • offer products which do not require overly complex descriptions
  • want to have product listings that can be easily found by potential buyers
  • require very accurate title translations
For more information on our services please see our fact sheet. Before submitting a project, please read our instructions on how to use the required file format.

Explore the tabs below to see language options, accepted file types and more information about this service. Click the Chat Now button if you need help or have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my listings files need to be in specific file format?

Yes, we do require a specific Excel file format for listings translations. Please use our downloadable template to prepare your order. Please also see our instructions on how to use this file format.

Where should I reach out to for support, questions, more information, etc?

If you wish to contact us for support, please submit a support ticket. Please use this option for any kind of query, be it for general questions, specific project-related questions, problems or constructive feedback. Our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I make changes to an order I already submitted?

You cannot make changes to an order already submitted. All submitted jobs are processed and charged in real time and work begins almost immediately. Resubmit the portion of your order that was changed into a new order or click Chat Now if you need assistance.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Yes, you need to create an account to place an order but you can receive an instant quote without creating an account.

Can I request a listings translation sample to ensure the quality meets my standards?

onDemand does not provide translation samples. You can confidently rely on us to meet your translation quality needs as we are the largest translation services provider in the world. We provide enterprise level quality to fortune 500 clients via onDemand every day. You will not find a better translation quality-level anywhere online. If you are unsure which service to use, please read the descriptions in the single service sections and consult our fact sheet. If you are still uncertain, we recommend to submit a single short listing (as representative of your products as possible) on the service levels that you are considering to get a real-life impression of the different quality levels.

Can the size of my order or source and target language choices affect the turnaround time?

Yes, the turnaround time for your order is dependent on the size of the job as well as the source and target langues you choose. To instantly get a turnaround time and quote for your specific needs, simply click the Buy Now button and follow the instructions to upload your files.

When can I expect my order to be completed?

The average turnaround times are listed above in the service details. You can receive an accurate turnaround time by completing steps 1 and 2 in the process. Step 3 will give you a quote and delivery date for the project.

Can I view the status of an order that is in progress?

You will receive basic status notifications via email to confirm your order has been placed and payment has been made, then another when the project is complete.

How do you handle QA?

We employ several QA steps including source file validation, moderation/sampling and post process QA for all processes involving our translators. Please note that there is no QA performed for output from our machine translation, which is used in some of our services. We do, however, regularly train our machine translation engine to continuously refine and improve its output.

When translating a source file into multiple languages, do I receive a file for each language?

Yes, you will receive one translated file per target language requested.

Do you issue a receipt?

Yes, you will receive an order confirmation email after your order is submitted. This confirmation email also acts as a receipt of purchase.

Is onDemand a secure site?

onDemand is a secure site and your privacy and security are very important to us. Lionbridge onDemand runs in an ISO 27001 certified data center. All communication with the Lionbridge onDemand servers is protected with 256 bit SSL encryption. We exchange no private information over email. Access to your content is protected with our roles based permission system. onDemand deletes customer content after a 60 day retention period. Lionbridge does not store credit card information. If you choose to save your credit card with Lionbridge onDemand, the credit card number and other details are stored in the PCI compliant Braintree Payments application.

Can I cancel a submitted project?

onDemand is based on a highly automated system to get your translation requests to our translators as fast as possible, and in return, back to you with fastest turnaround times. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel any submitted projects. Before submitting, please review your order carefully.